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Custom closets and garage storage are both great solutions to keeping everything in and around your home or office organized! At Cabinets by C & F, our customized closets are built to suit your needs, your lifestyle and your tastes. With the wide range of design options we offer, you can choose from various types of hardwoods, such as lyptus wood cabinets; choose finishes, colors and even prices. Now, instead of trying to cram all of your favorite clothes and other items into a closet that is too small or the wrong shape or one that just doesn't have enough shelves, design your custom closet around the things you want to put in it. We can help! Because our closets are made to meet your needs, we'll help you create one that you can actually use - and on a budget too. From an economy closet system to closets as big and lavish as money can buy, whatever you need, we've got it!

One of the messiest spaces in the average house is the garage, where most people store items that are not frequently or currently in use. Garages get a bad rap for being disorganized and even dangerous, but with custom closets and storage cabinets from Cabinets by C & F you can restore the good reputation of your garage, and you might even be able to fit a car in there!

Just because a garage or other storage spaces in your home are typically out-of-the-way, don't forget that they, like the other rooms in your house, say something about you. At Cabinets by C & F, we can help you create a custom closet or storage system that you would be proud to show off. Choose from our wide variety of colors, finishes and woods, such as our beautiful lyptus wood cabinets, to create not only a sense of organization and cleanliness, but also of beauty. Don't let your garage or storage space fall into disarray. Contact Cabinets by C & F and let us help you clean up your act!

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Customized storage cabinets for garages and more - visit Cabinets by C and F to see all the many different types of custom cabinets available.





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