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"It ain't easy being green. . ." Kermit the Frog once said. Maybe being green isn't easy, but with kitchen cabinets from Cabinets by C & F, going green can be! We offer green kitchen cabinets in our lines and also practice green building and we use eco-friendly materials for all of our environmentally friendly clientele. It's important to us that the surrounding world is kept safe while we work to provide the most beautiful cabinetry possible for your home. Did you know that Cabinets by C & F is an industry leader for using eco-friendly materials for kitchen remodeling as well as for using green processes during cabinet manufacturing? We use only soy-based glues, no formaldehyde, and still capture the essence and beauty of our high-end cabinets. We're proud of our reputation as an environmentally sound business and we want you to know that we work hard to keep your home and your world beautiful.

We firmly believe that the options we offer will help you make your home a place you enjoy living in. You can relax and enjoy all that you see, inside and outside, knowing that you have helped preserve the natural splendor of the environment that surrounds you. Bamboo cabinets have become a very popular choice for the environmentally conscious consumer, which is why we have created a line made with the same quality craftsmanship and personality as all our other lines.

Green (not the color!) kitchen cabinets, such as bamboo cabinets, are made from raw materials that are safe for your home, lovely to look at and functional all at once. Typically, green kitchen cabinets in Phoenix are made from renewable resources, recycled or salvaged materials or are manufactured using eco-friendly processes. In the past, some people have actually turned green at the thought of an environmentally friendly cabinet, but green kitchen cabinets can be more than just out-of-the-way space savers. You can have as much luxury and style with green kitchen cabinets in Phoenix as you can with traditionally manufactured ones. Don't sacrifice style for sensibility. Combine them with bamboo cabinets or other green products from Cabinets by C & F!

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Green kitchen cabinets are available for those who are environmentally consious - visit for a complete list of eco-friendly cabinets.
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