When to Remodel Kitchen Cabinets

When considering if it’s time for a total kitchen and bath remodeling project as opposed to making a few simple repairs, here are a few things to consider: the year your cabinets were installed, the degree of damage involved, and the overall look you are aiming for.

There are many cases where homeowners unnecessarily spend tons of cash for a whole kitchen and bath remodeling job such as replacing totally repairable kitchen cabinets. With that said, there are some telltale signs one should be aware of that signify the need to have the kitchen cabinets replaced versus making small, minor improvements.

A simple paint discoloration in the cabinet’s surface can be remedied by either painting over the whole surface or stripping the old paint before applying a new one. However, this should be done only if the cabinet is relatively new.

For cabinets that were created and installed more than a decade ago, matching the gloss finish just won’t cut it. Cabinets where the wood is damaged or split should be replaced entirely as well.

Phoenix Modern kitchen cabinets are now glazed with UV retardants, which make matching the old cabinets with the new ones a complicated task. A kitchen and bath remodeling should be in order. With that, countertops should also be considered for replacements. One such popular kitchen remodeling trend is all granite countertops in Phoenix, AZ for example. Phoenix, AZ is one of the best places to find innovative, modern interior design concepts.

Kitchens are better off if old countertops are replaced by modern, durable options, such as granite countertops. Countertops and cabinets must blend well in order to create a consistent and pleasant atmosphere in the kitchen. Replacing the kitchen cabinets but leaving the old countertops will put one’s design plans into disarray.

So, when replacing old kitchen cabinets, make sure that you also consider whether your new cabinets will mesh well with your existing countertops. If not, it may be best to replace your countertops as well. Cabinets by C & F can help you choose which type of countertops will coordinate well with your new cabinets. As a leading cabinet manufacturer in Arizona, Cabinets by C & F can also recommend the best granite countertops in Phoenix, AZ or any other type of countertop that you might be looking for.

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